The Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

Many patients find that they have lung cancer either because they present symptoms such as persistent coughing and wheezing, sometimes coughing up blood or pain the chest and stomach. This usually prompts further investigation of the chest, typically calling for an x-ray (which may also occur as part of a routine health check) and the testing of sputum samples.

At this point more investigations will be called for dependent upon the results.

Detailed Diagnosis

The purpose of a chest radiograph or x-ray, is to detect enlarged lymph nodes in the chest or the existence of a mass in the lungs. More advanced techniques can be used to provide much more detailed information and include the following:

CAT Scan or CT Scan – a CT Scan is a computer assisted examination which provides a cross-sectional image of the body under examination;

MRI Scan – a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan uses hydrogen ions within the patient’s body which respond to magnetic fields when they are applied to the body or in this case, the chest. A computer then uses the results to create a chest image which allows for precise location of any mass which has been detected and whether it involves the lungs;

Bronchoscopy – this involves an examination of the airways (the windpipe and lung branches) and is usually conducted by a pulmonologist ( a physician who specializes in respiratory diseases). The examination may involve the taking of a swab from these areas or a biopsy (the removal of a tissue sample);

Needle Biopsy – a physician inserts a needle using the results of a CT Scan to guide where the needle, so a sample of tissue may be removed from the mass which has been detected; the tissue samples obtained are then “smeared” on a microscope slide and examined by a histopathologist to detect whether the cells are cancerous; and

Bone Scan – this test may be undertaken to check whether any cancer cells have spread (known as “metastasized”) to the bones from the original tumor.

A technological advancement is the CT/PET fusion imaging scan – this diagnostic tool uses an injected sugar solution which contains a radioactive element to highlight any cancerous mass. Cancer tumors are very fast growing and use a lot of energy so they rapidly absorb the sugar solution which is accumulates around and within the tumor. When a scan is then performed, the concentration of the radioactive sugar is detected and provides the location and detail of the cancer tumor. It should be borne in mind that there are other tissues which will cause the sugar solution to accumulate such as a bacterial infection, so even this test is not conclusive.

Once lung cancer has been diagnosed, the team of oncology physicians treating the patient will review the results to assess the treatment options for the lung cancer and to check whether any spread of the disease has occurred to other parts of the body. Where it is found the disease has not spread to other parts of the body, then a surgical inspection may take place to assess the disease in detail around the lungs, heart, windpipe and tissues of the chest. In addition, extensive blood tests will take place to look for cancer “markers” which are usually proteins that are associated with the development of lung cancer.

Penis Pain: Taking Care of Prostatitis

What is the top reason for a man under the age of 50 to visit a urologist? Penis pain caused by prostatitis, that’s what. And yet this very common male condition is not one that is widely known – and certainly not widely understood. Knowing about prostatitis is an important component of exercising proper penis care and can have a long-term effect on both sexual health and general health.

What is prostatitis?

Prostatitis is an infection and/or inflammation of the prostate, a gland that is part of the male reproductive system. The prostate is found in men between the bladder and the penis. It secretes a fluid that mixes with sperm to create semen.

Although bacteria can be the culprit in both acute and chronic prostatitis, this occurs in only 5-10% of cases. The vast majority of cases are nonbacterial in nature and often referred to as chronic pelvic pain syndrome. In all of these cases, penis pain is a common symptom, typically reflecting a urinary tract issue.

It’s important to note (and be reassured) that there is not a relationship between prostatitis and prostate cancer. It’s also now considered rare for the condition to result from sexual sources.

Causes and symptoms

Causes that are typically associated with prostatitis include being on the receiving end of anal sex; bladder infections; catheterization; urinary tract abnormalities; and/or an enlarged prostate.

Men often have prostatitis for a long time without experiencing symptoms or without realizing the symptoms are related to prostatitis. Typical signs include penis pain or burning while urinating; a frequent need to urinate; difficulty in successfully urinating; and chills or fever.

The penis pain that accompanies urination is a classic prostatitis signal. Unfortunately, it is also a common sign of other issues, and so accurate diagnosis may require some time.


How prostatitis is treated depends upon what is the cause. When it is bacterial in nature, antibiotics are usually recommended. Pain relievers and muscle relaxants are often prescribed when the condition is nonbacterial is nature. Many men also find relief in sitz baths (sitting in a bathtub in 2-3 inches of warm water) on a regular basis. A stool softener may be recommended, as well as prostate massage in some cases.

Dietary changes may also play a role in treatment. For example, reducing or eliminating caffeine or strongly acidic foods may help to ease the condition.

Sometimes men with chronic prostatitis find that it can cause them to feel moody or depressed, depending upon the level and frequency of pain. This can have a negative effect on their overall mental and physical well-being.

Sexual issues

Most men with prostatitis continue to have healthy sexual lives; however, in some instances there can be some pain, usually on an occasional basis, during coupling or other forms of sexual activity. The penis can still function normally; however, the discomfort that occurs may sometimes interfere with the desire and ability to engage sexually. Receiving proper treatment for prostatitis can help to relieve this issues and enable a man to fully enjoy his sexual experiences.

Any penis pain, whether the result of prostatitis or another cause, is something most men would prefer to avoid. Maintaining the instrument in good health can help reduce instances of pain and make one alert to issues that require attention. Regular use of a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) should therefore be part of every man’s daily routine. Use of a crème with a potent antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid is especially advised. Alpha lipoic acid works to tackle harmful oxidative and aging processes in penis cells and keep them operating on a healthy level. Also essential in the best crèmes is acetyl L-carnitine, which is thought to behave synergistically with alpha lipoic acid. Acetyl L-carnitine helps to reverse damage to penis cell mitochondria, thereby delaying the aging process and keeping both nerve and cell function in better shape.

Prostate Cancer Symptoms And Diagnosis

Prostate cancer is caused by the uncontrollable growth of cells within the prostate gland. Current data shows that the disease impacts one of every six men in the U.S. It is potentially life-threatening and can also lead to an assortment of side effects which may prove both debilitating and embarrassing. Below, we’ll explore a few known risk factors as well as the symptoms from which patients suffer. We’ll also describe the tests that are performed in order to diagnose the disease.

Risk Factors

There seems to be a strong connection between age and an onset of the illness, though that may indicate an issue involving late diagnoses. Under 40 years of age, only 1 in 10,000 people are diagnosed with it. However, between the ages of 40 and 60, 1 person in 38 is diagnosed; after the age of 60, the rate climbs to 1 in 15 people.

Similar to age, the condition is not indifferent to ethnicity or genetics. African American men are over 60% more likely to battle prostate cancer than their Caucasian counterparts. And men who have a close relative (i.e. brother, father) with the disease have twice as much risk in developing the condition themselves.

Symptoms Of The Disease

In its early stages, symptoms can range from difficulty urinating to the presence of blood in the urine or semen. As the disease spreads, the symptoms become more severe. Once it reaches the pelvis area, patients may notice swelling in both legs and a lack of comfort below their abdominals. When the condition progresses to an advanced stage, patients will usually feel a persistent and intense pain in their bones as well as discomfort from a compressed spine.

How The Condition Is Diagnosed

Unfortunately, millions of cases affecting men are not diagnosed until they visit their doctors for a routine physical exam. The reason is because symptoms related to the disease are not noticeable during the beginning stages. As a result, there is little motivation to visit the doctor. Once a doctor suspects that a patient may have prostate cancer, he or she may suggest a number of different tests to diagnose the condition.

A rectal exam is normally performed first; the doctor will insert a gloved finger into the patient’s rectum to identify irregularities in the shape or size of the gland. A prostate-specific antigen test (or, PSA test) involves studying the patient’s blood for the presence of PSAs.

A doctor may also suggest a transrectal ultrasound. A small device is inserted into the patient’s rectum and uses sound waves in order to build a picture of the gland. Finally, a biopsy is performed if the doctor is reasonably sure that the disease is present.

Prostate cancer is a serious and deadly affliction that affects millions of men. It is one of the main reasons why all men should schedule a routine physical exam with their doctors. By diagnosing the condition as early as possible, steps can be taken to prevent its spread and treat its symptoms.

Fruits and Vegetables and the Type of Cancer They Are Preventing

According to the National Cancer Institute, one third of all cancer fatalities were brought on by poor diet. Anything that you consume will surely manifest in your organs. Unhealthy foods which are part of your daily routine can damage you in the future. Most importantly if you are not doing something to slow down from it. Many cancer-causing foods at the moment are available everywhere. Preservatives in food are one of the major causes for cancer to occur.

If you’re the type of person who eats the same food every day, you’ve to be aware now. Improper habits such as consuming junk food, drinking, cigarette smoking and not participating in physical activities which includes running or at least walking could be unhealthy and can bring about other illnesses aside from cancer.

You’ve to know that you will find numerous ways to eat well. You will find other foods you may try and pursuits you may learn to keep your body healthy. Below are fruit and veggies you might want to consume before cancer attacks your cells.


1. Avocados – a fruit rich in glutathione with a powerful antioxidant that assaults free radicals within the body. It helps your body block the absorption of fats. They even supply more potassium than bananas and are in fact, a substantial source of beta-carotene. Experts believe that it’s also beneficial in the treatment of viral hepatitis which is the main reason behind liver cancer.

2. Papayas – a fruit that’s abundant in vitamin C. Its vitamin C content works as an antioxidant that could also greatly reduce the risk of getting cancer. Papayas also contain folacin or commonly known as folic acid which is believed to be a good agent in reducing cervical dysplasia and cancer in the cervix, breast, liver and lungs. Extra knowledge: Papaya leaf extracts help boost production of Th1 type cytokines that are very significant for the immune system.

3. Raspberries – a fruit which contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants known as anthocyanins – a great substance that prevents cancer. Research shows that black raspberries can prevent colon cancer. Black raspberries are even known to have more cancer-preventing properties than that of other berries which includes strawberries and blueberries.


1. Broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower – these vegetables are full of indole-3 carbinol which is very beneficial in protecting against breast cancer. That being said, broccoli especially sprouts have phytochemical sulforaphane which is considered to be a preventing aid against colon and rectal cancer.

2. Carrots – being an abundant source of beta-carotene, carrots are helpful aids in preventing types of cancer such as lung, mouth, throat, stomach and intestine, bladder, prostate and breast. While there may be some studies from certain cancer treatment centers which state that beta carotene causes cancer, but this hasn’t been accepted yet and no further research has been made.

3. Garlic – is an immune-enhancing vegetable that battles cancer. Garlic also has an element which makes its way into the cells that can slow down tumor development. Research has linked that garlic and onion helps one individual decrease the risk of getting colon and stomach cancer.

Cancer treatment centers everywhere have continuously been advising every non-cancer and cancer patients to be aware of what they’re ingesting. Whatever you eat will always manifest to the kind of health you’ve. There are even a lot of good books about these, but for the meantime, you have to take note that today should be the beginning of a new you. Take care of yourself so you can enjoy your life even longer. Eat healthy and live healthy. Happy eating!

Designer stylish sunglasses With high UV protection

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Sunglasses design

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Shape of the sunglass

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Acute Pancreatitis It is Very Life Threatening!

Acute pancreatitis is a condition that when regarded purely from the level of seriousness is next only to the pancreatic cancer. Or, for that matter any other cancer. As the name itself suggests, acute pancreatitis is often accompanied by what else, acute pain in the stomach.

The pancreas itself is a deceptively small and at the same time very fragile organ locating which itself proves to be a big enough task for even the highly qualified and experienced medical personnel who toil away in this particular specialty under the broad area that we know as medical science. Those who work in the field of pancreatology are referred to by the name of pancreatologists.

Causes and symptoms of acute pancreatitis

While it is very much true that Acute Pancreatitis is a condition that can occur to any one of any age or sex, it is found to be more prevalent in the case of men. This is because of the fact that men are prone to fall prey to lifestyles such as taking to alcoholism, or smoking tobacco, etc. As a consequence of this reality, genetics also proves to be a factor.

Like say an alcoholic father passing on the ailment that is often life threatening to his son, who himself may not be consuming alcohol. The statistics that are available is alarming to say the least. For instance, in the United States alone, no less than 70 per cent of the cases of acute pancreatitis are found to be caused because of alcohol abuse only.

Passive smoking, shockingly enough, is proved to be the cause of rise of pancreatitis in children. It is found that any child who is exposed to passive smoking lasting more than four minutes is prone to having some kind of damage done his or her pancreatic function. This, in itself is pretty serious a situation to be in.

The other major symptoms of acute pancreatitis are that this dreaded disease occurs when the immune system of the body collapses. The high blood levels of the triglycerides fat. Or, when the pancreas is injured due to an accident is yet another cause of acute pancreatitis. These are the known factors that often lead to one or the other disorder of the pancreas.

Tests for detecting acute pancreatitis

Like in the case of so many other diseases, there are certain tests and procedures to detect and later accordingly start suitable medication for acute pancreatitis too. Though, all said and done, it is very difficult to provide a full proof medical solution to acute pancreatitis.

The tests include – complete blood count test, comprehensive metabolic tests, and tests to detect increased blood amylase level, increased urine amylase level, serum blood lipase level, etc. Author Bio:

Propecia: A Solution For Hair Loss Problem

Several reports suggest that nearly two-thirds of the male population, which comprises of nearly 8.2 million men in the UK, suffer from hair loss. The medical term used for hair loss is Alopecia. When hair loss or balding takes place among men, it is known as androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. This problem is usually caused by hereditary factors. Baldness can be a very traumatic experience for both women and men. It can affect self confidence and lead to a feeling of insecurity as well as depression. Here’s where Propecia comes to the rescue as an effective drug that can treat hair loss.

How Propecia Controls Hair Loss

Propecia is the first and only hair loss pill that has been approved by the FDA. This medicine has become very popular among young men, who wish to control hair loss in the initial stages. The generic name for this drug is Finasteride. The medicine works effectively to prevent hair loss in the anterior mid-scalp area (middle-front of the head) and the vertex (top of the head). Finasteride helps you to maintain the remaining hair coverage.

The prime cause of hair loss among men and women is dihydrotestosterone or DHT. It shortens the growth phase of hair follicles and causes them to shrink until there are only few visible hair strands left on the scalp. DHT is an androgen primarily synthesized in the testes, prostate glands, hair follicles and adrenal glands by the enzyme known as type II 5-alpha reductase. The type II 5-alpha reductase enzyme converts testosterone to DHT.

Propecia restricts the action of this enzyme. This prevents the conversion of testosterone into DHT and results in the reduced formation of DHT. The reduced levels of DHT minimize the effect on hair follicles and prevent their further shrinking. This interrupts the progression of male pattern hair loss. Although Finasteride starts blocking DHT formation immediately, but you may observe visible results only after three to six months because hair growth is gradual.

Propecia: Dosage

The medicine is available in tablet form. Propecia should be consumed regularly with water at least for three months. Studies have revealed that a daily dose of 1mg of the Finasteride tablet for two years can control hair loss among 83% of men. However, for better results the treatment should be started as soon as the first signs of baldness are visible. Moreover, Finasteride works better, if the treatment is continued for a longer term. In case you stop taking the drug, you may experience hair fall within 12 months of stopping the treatment.

Propecia is meant only for men. Women or children should avoid taking the drug. The drug can be especially harmful for pregnant women, as it can affect the foetus and lead to birth defects. Also, consult your doctor before taking the drug, if you are suffering from liver diseases, prostate cancer, stricture of urethra, bladder muscle disorder or are unable to urinate.

Decrease Risks of Thyroid Cancer by Drinking Chamomile Tea!

Teas have grown in popularity in the West, but have always been a way of life in Europe and Asia. What has taken us so long to jump on the herbal bandwagon? Whatever the case may be, people are finally accepting the idea of using herbs and teas to heal common ailments, like the cold and flu. But what about the more severe conditions like thyroid cancer? Many naturopathic doctors in Phoenix are recommending their thyroid cancer patients to consume more chamomile tea.

Teas are a great source of various compounds that are very beneficial to the human body, such as polyphenols and flavonoids. They oftentimes have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help treat a variety of illnesses. They’re even being included in alternative cancer treatments in Arizona.

You can’t expect much improvement to your health if you only drink tea occasionally and lead an overall unhealthy lifestyle. Greeks have proven that their Mediterranean diet and herbal tea consumption are wonderful for preventing cancer.

There are various types of teas that offer anti-cancer benefits, including chamomile, sage and mountain teas. Out of the three, chamomile outperforms the others when it comes to the prevention of cancer. It’s no wonder why naturopathic doctors in Phoenix are advising their patients to drink chamomile daily.

80 Percent Reduction in Thyroid Cancer Risk

You won’t find that many cases of thyroid cancer in Greece like you will in the U.S. or Europe. About 1.6 per 100,000 people are diagnosed with thyroid cancer in Greece, while it’s 13.2 per 100,000 in America and 5.2 per 100,000 in Europe.

Aside from eating a lot of fresh produce and healthy fats, such as olive oil, Greeks are known for consuming a lot of chamomile tea. The lower risk in thyroid cancer was especially prevalent in Greeks that drank chamomile tea between two and six times weekly. These individuals had a 70 percent lesser chance of developing abnormalities in their thyroid.

One study showed that those who continued to drink chamomile over the course of three decades had an 80 percent lower risk.

This is great news for integrative medicine doctors in Phoenix who are always looking for natural ways to treat their patients. You can consult with a naturopathic doctor in Phoenix about adding herbs to your lifestyle and diet. You won’t have to worry about obtaining alternative cancer treatments if you can prevent cancer from forming in the first place!

Improve Your Diet And Health With Goji Berries, Wheat Grass And More

Goji berries are usually found in store bought juices and other supplements as are green tea, wheat grass and other superfoods such as acai berries. However, certain methods aren’t usually approved by the FDA. Very few are 100% pure and have other herbs and ingredients (and even possibly chemicals) in them. I’d rather be safe than sorry and stick to a nutritious raw diet. Natural cures for many ailments are found within raw food.

Perhaps you’ve already heard about raw foods and may be looking to supplement your raw food diet to include more diversity in what you are currently eating. There are raw recipes that I found on the web that are unique. I was surprised to find that you can buy dried goji berries and use them in several ways. You can put them in purified water to create a healthy drink, they can be added to smoothies and eaten on top of cereal or yogurt. These berries have been a staple of Asia for ages.

Wheat grass can be used in many recipes including breads, bagels, pizza dough and wraps. Along with organic fruits and vegetables, whole foods and other ingredients, some really delicious recipes can be made. Don’t think that eating raw doesn’t mean that you have to be a vegetarian. People eat sashimi as well as cured/cold-smoked meats as well as other non-cooked foods.

Here are ten top tips about raw food to consider:
1. Raw foods are higher quality which means you eat less to satisfy your hunger and nutritional needs. As you increase the amount of raw foods you eat, you will have more energy as well as improved digestion.

2. Raw food is more flavorful than cooked food, so there is no need to add salt, spices, sugar or other condiments (unless of course you prefer to.)

3. Raw foods take less time to prepare, so you get more time to do what you want. Even young children enjoy “making” food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They can do it themselves and you don’t have to worry about them possibly getting hurt.

4. When you eat raw, you won’t burn your tongue or self anymore due to the fact food is only heated up to 116 F

5. Cleaning up is fast and easy. Not many dishes to do, let alone crusty messes. And the inedible parts can go directly to a compost pile that can help grow a garden.

6. Eating these foods can reverse or stop the advance of chronic diseases. Cooking actually creates the free radicals which are the major cause of cancer.

7. A raw food diet can stop you from catching colds, flu, measles, etc. Raw food helps maintain your health consistently. Less sugar, vitamins, minerals and enzymes all contribute to better health.

8. As long as you combine raw foods correctly, you won’t have any heartburn, indigestion, gas or constipation.

9. It is super green and helps the environment tremendously. Food industries would change and organic gardening would become the way of the future. The atmosphere would be improved, reversing the Greenhouse Effect. Recycling would be global and everything that would go down the drain would be pure. No more poisons!

10. Eating raw saves people money on just about everything, from pots and pans, food and vitamins, appliances, electricity, heating gas, drugs, doctor bills, health insurance co-pays and more.

How raw you go is up to you. Find out how to change your lifestyle now!