What A Dentist Can Do For You

Compared with other health care providers, dentists are often overlooked. Some medical insurance plans to not carry coverage for dental work. As children we fear the dentist’s office because we associate it with pain. But proper upkeep of your teeth is an essential component to a healthy life.

When looking for a dentist in Chicago, you must first ask yourself what type of dental treatment do you need? If you need dental care for your children, you can find a dentist in Chicago that specializes in children. Though pediatric dentistry is a dental specialty, almost any dentist practicing general dentistry will be adept in treating child patients.

If you simply want a check-up with a teeth cleaning, there are numerous dentists in Chicago that can provide this service. These days many dental offices have hours to reflect their patient’s schedules by providing evening and weekend appointments. That old excuse, “I don’t have time to see a dentist” will no longer work.

Dentists practicing general dentistry provide many services beyond examinations and teeth cleaning, such as: tooth pulling, x-rays, oral cancer screening, fillings, implants, root canals, crowns & bridges, and dentures & partials.

If you require dental work that is outside of these general dentistry services, there are many dentists in Chicago that specialize in treatments they provide. Examples are endodontics and oral and maxillofacial surgery, radiology and pathology. Oral and maxillofacial specialists are commonly referred to as “oral surgeons”.

Oral surgery is most often used to extract wisdom teeth. Dentists practicing general dentistry only use local anesthetics, such a Novocain. Though Novocain can help reduce pain, you still have to experience the procedure while awake. Oral surgeons, on the other hand, practice mostly on patients that are under general anesthesia, which means the patient is not awake. This type of anesthesia is what we think of when having surgery at a hospital, such as an appendectomy. Most people choose to have their wisdom teeth extracted while under general anesthesia to avoid the pain they would experience from this procedure while awake with only the use of a local anesthetic.

Another dental specialty is periodontics, which focuses on supporting teeth structure and diseases that affect tooth structure. Periodontal disease, commonly called “gum disease”, refers to a group of distinct diseases of the gums such as: gingivitis, pyorrhea (also called periodontal disease or perionditis), and trench mouth. All of these diseases result from a type of bacterial infection of the gums. Left untreated, these conditions lead to the destruction of the bone supporting the teeth. In other words, your teeth eventually fall out because the gum is destroyed.

Treatment of these serious conditions requires a thorough cleansing of the infected gum line that may require multiple visits to accomplish. To prevent future occurrences it is a must that a proper oral hygiene regimen is began and maintained. Such a routine would include daily brushing of the teeth, daily flossing, and twice a year teeth cleaning by a dentist. You can find a dentist in Chicago to cover all of your dental needs.

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