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Coaching Results

Coaching is action-based and results-oriented. When you start thinking
strategically, you’ll stop being driven by crises, competitors or
price. SEBA clients have learned how to focus and are realizing
desirable bottom lines. They’ve stopped working seven days a week,
started taking scheduled days off, and are working fewer hours.
Read what they have to say!

Successfully launching new company

“Sharon and SEBA were with me every step of the way
when I launched my company in January, 2001. She was a calm
in the storm and brought focus when I couldn’t—she is
a terrific coach who has been on our side of the fence—I
would recommend her to anyone in the events industry”

— Katie Shultz, Cobalt Communications
    [email protected]

Identifying strengths and specialties

“I learned to stop trying to be everything to everyone
and began to specialize in the areas that are my strongest,
where I have the best client base.”

— Carol Rosen, Party Designs
    [email protected]

Implementing goals and visionary planning

    “Sharon helped me re-think my
business plan, re-organize my sales approach, and re-construct
my long range goals. My thinking had become too routine, and
I was not challenging myself enough. I wanted a change and
knew it would not happen with just my own motivation, nor
would it occur over night…
     “The outcome of my coaching
cannot be described in one or two words. However, I can report
that my work, both as Director of Special Events at Michael’s
Restaurant and as an independent Wedding Consultant, is now
goal-specific, to the point, and solution-oriented. I NOW
HAVE A PLAN TO LIVE BY … I have a vision, and when I
go off track I get up, brush myself off, and get going again.
    “My ability to do sales and marketing
has become easier because I no longer target 3 or 4 markets.
I identified a niche and I concentrate there. With everything
I do at work I ask myself “Will this generate sales;
does this support my business plan?” If my immediate
reaction is “No,” I stop. I let it go and reorganize.
I stay more on track then ever before, and this is why I feel
I needed to work with Sharon and will continue to work with
her. She challenged my way of thinking and my approach to
business. I do not look at coaching as a one-time venture;
I am in it for the long haul.”

— Mary Fitzgerald, Director of Catering and Special
Events of Michael’s Restaurant

    www.maryfitzgeraldevents.com and

Putting mission statements to work

    “Working with Sharon really
put both my strengths and weaknesses into focus. After nine
months of coaching I was able to see the truly important elements
of running a good business, and could create the systems needed
to handle the incredible amount of day-to-day workflow. We
created target goals for increased business, and not only
met them, we exceeded them two years in a row. The amount
of energy Sharon and I put into my business mission statement
was incredible. I couldn’t see the point of all the effort,
but now that I have it I use it every day to keep us on track.
Sharon brought a different perspective that manifested itself
in real profit. Her understanding of the event industry is
one of the things that sets SEBA apart from other business
    “After I stopped sweating the
small stuff and saw what was important I made more per client
and my client feedback improved (Sharon set up our system
for client feedback). Having consistently happy clients wanting
to spend more at our studio is a direct result of Sharon’s

— Jon Nickson, Jon Nickson Photography

Reducing wasted time

    “After working with SEBA, I
became more aware of where I was spending my time and where
I was wasting it. I was extremely overwhelmed with the filing,
bookkeeping, and researching of information. For example,
bookkeeping… Now there’s a job I don’t enjoy, and I put
it off for ‘later.’ Because of this procrastination, I wasn’t
fully aware of what I had coming in or going out.
    What I did, at Sharon’s recommendation,
was to bring bookkeeping back in-house, and gave the job to
my part-time Office Manager. With this decision in place,
I was able to have Quickbooks reports at the touch of a finger,
and got valuable information that helped me understand where
my money is and was going.
    In addition, the financial system
we now have allows me to project my income and sales in a
much more efficient way. My motto was always ‘Do what you
do best, and sub out the rest,’ but in this case, Sharon was
right—I needed to be hands-on with my finances, instead
of waiting until the reports came back the middle of the next

— Geneene Thornton, Celebrations Event Planning,     Graduate
USD Event Management Certificate Program

Improving customer service

“In my former career as a designer and manufacturer
of women’s apparel, my mindset always was that of a wholesaler
and my No. 1 goal always was to expand my market share and
sell to stores and boutiques nationwide. But now, as I serve
a regional clientele of event planners, banquet venues and
wedding organizers, I needed to focus more on customer service.
Sharon Jansen coached me to get to know my customers on a
more personal level and to put their needs first. She advised
me to think like a service business, and to put my core clientele
in Southern California ahead of my plans for wider regional
and national expansion.”

— Youngsong Martin, Wildflower Linen

Getting things done

“Coaching helps get things done. Things just move faster
when you’re held accountable, and Sharon’s style keeps it
enjoyable at the same time.”

— Howie Knodt, Special Event Marketing

Achieving goals

“SEBA taught me to take simple notions and put them
together in the right time and place. I increased my leadership
skills, learned how to call the game, establish goals, and
implement actions to achieve those goals.”

— Debbie Thomas, CSEP, Delta Sun F&B Management

Focusing and prioritizing

“Regular meetings with my coach gave me the focus to
get things done instead of putting them off because ‘I was
too busy.’ I became accountable, prioritized and moved my
business to the next level.”

— Barbara Wallace, Barbara Wallace Weddings, 2002 Gala
Winner and ABC Accredited Bridal Consultant

For many clients, SEBA coaching helps
them replace unproductive actions and attitudes with successful

  • Stopped making excuses about not having time to network.
    • Started regularly attending organization meetings
      and is now part of the leadership team.
    • RESULT: Referrals have increased and the company’s
      image has been enhanced.
  • Stopped thinking that by specializing one would lose sales.
    • Created a niche market that allows higher fees.
    • RESULT: dramatically increased profit.
  • Stopped wasting time.
    • Started analyzing current and ideal work lives.
    • RESULT: higher income from fewer events.
  • Stopped ignoring financial statements.
    • Started learning how to interpret them.
    • RESULT: profit doubled two years in a row.
  • Stopped “shooting from the hip” marketing strategies.
    • Started planning them on an annual basis.
    • RESULT: increased sales 125% in one year.
  • Stopped being scattered, going from one thing to another.
    • Started establishing goals.
    • RESULT: had to hire support staff to handle extra
  • Stopped wondering if he could handle expanding.
    • Started putting plans in motion.
    • RESULT: launched a new division and hired a marketing

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“Take risks. You
can’t fall off the bottom” —Barbara Proctor

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