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SOMA 2008, it’s just that great!

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     Hey guys, SOMA’s freshly-appointed Webmaster Bill here updating the site for the new semester!  To those of you that have been to the site in the past welcome back and to those of you just joining us, well just in general welcome!  We are all really psyched for the upcoming semester in SOMA and hope that all of you reading this are too.  There have been talks of fantastic upcoming events.  This semester we will see the likes of the second annual Arts Crawl as well as Synthesis.  They will be cohosted with other student organizations VASA and SFO respectively.  Both events are guaranteed to be lots of fun and we hope all of you will join us in these joyful shennanigans.   This semester brings many changes as well.  We are no longer under the leadership of founder Danny Greene, though he has graciously offered his services and guidance whenever needed, so not all hope is lost.  On that note there is a more than qualified staff of officers taking over this semester (myself included, applause!).  This is the line-up of the SOMA officers for 2008:

President: Kelly Murphy [email protected]

Vice-President: Danny Michelson [email protected]

Secretary : Megan Andrews [email protected]

Treasurer/Arts Crawl Chair: Erin Stoltz [email protected]

PR Chair/Execudude:  Alexander Augustyniak [email protected]

Webmaster: Bill Nechamkin [email protected]

Arts Crawl Co-chair: Michelle Mancini [email protected] 

Open Mic Chair: Devin William Daniels [email protected]

Open Mic Co-chair: Ryan Ulses [email protected]


As you can see we have quite a few familiar faces returning as well as a healthy mixture of new blood, however weird that expression may be.  We encourage everyone to get as involved in SOMA as they want and look forward to hearing everyones ideas and suggestions.  Do not be afraid to email me or any of the other officers with any SOMA-related questions.  Anyways I look forward to seeing everyone at all the SOMA-related events this year and have a good one!


Webmaster Bill

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