Duraform "hayalleriniz artık hayatınızın bir parçası"

Duraform that is produced by Insomak is the first and only in the
form of wooden composite (CTP) construction profiles on the world.

It’s application based on special techniques as it is production,
Duraform is more robust than stell depending on method of covering and
resin system. When considering of its low specific weight , Duraform is
unique structural elements of the construction sector.

Duraform constructions which find usage large areas that are from
small pergola to suspension bridge, from prefabricated villa to the pool
side grill, from constructional cooling tower to wharf and marine have
fifty years guarantee for materials and three years for labour.

It is absolutely harmless to human health.There
is not any risk for users using Duraform because of not having
harmful compnents such as PVC, lead and silicon.

There is no any rust, rot and grubby problem. Duraform
which is used in a construction work and a channel work first time
in the world , has proven it self on national and international
platform and have been put clearly technical specifications.

Duraform prefabricated constructions have the  highest
eartquake resistant which is known.Our company signing CTP
prefabricated applications first time in the world, has revealed
with evidance that Duraform Villas are the most secure building you
can get the region that have a high eartquake risk.It has eartquake
resistance several times higher than steel construction.

In Short Duraform is the top of the
constructional elements of 21st. Century

Duraform Pergola

Duraform Prefabricated construction group

Duraform Sea construction group

Duraform Industrial construction group

Duraform Constructional cooling tower group

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