Havana roadhouse

The Original Havana Roadhouse Famous Cuban Sandwich was created when the company’s founder was living in Miami where he regularly ate a popular street food known as the Cuban Sandwich. Havana Roadhouse’s founder discovered the Cuban Sandwich to be a food consumed by all demographics similar to pizza, hamburgers, and hot dogs. However, there was no national brand that offered this sandwich outside of the Greater Miami area. The Havana Roadhouse founder’s food service background, entrepreneurial talents, and knowledge of the Latino population, community, and culture enabled to recognize the potential for a new product in the homes of people everywhere…

Management decided the most efficient and rapid rollout of the Cuban Sandwich concept was via the wholesale of frozen product. The company is currently focused on delivering high quality, traditional, miniature Cuban Sandwiches for brokers and food distributors nationwide. In the brief time we have been operating, we have secured distribution in Gourmet Garage, a New York area grocery store with 5 locations, HEB, Texas supermarket with multiple brands and over 300 locations, and a trial at a single 7-11 location.

Sales of ready-to-consume product at point-of-purchase locations including delis, convenience stores, and industrial foodservice settings are also being pursued. As brand recognition is developed, the opportunity is created for retail distribution channels.

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