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Because there are so many different game consoles available on the market it can become quite confusing as to which console you should spend you’re hard earned cash on. Not only are they built solely for home use but now you have the added option of choosing whether you want a portable hand held console. All the top manufacturers which as of today include Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony now have both home and portable versions of their consoles on the market today.

About gaming consoles

Your game console works like an entertainment machine or electronic device, manipulating the video display (a television, monitor, etc.) to display a game.

These games consoles in the 6ft and 7th generation are perfect entertainment buddies for you wherever you may go – they aren’t only a bunch of lights on weights but also very handy. What’s new is that many of the top gaming consoles can handle HD DVDs, play back your digital photographs, allows you to connect to the internet using a built-in browser, helps you listen to music and performs many such multimedia tasks.

The price of gaming consoles

The price of gaming consoles has decreased in value a great deal. Various portals also offers very attractive deals on the gaming consoles in many different models from Nintendo console, PSP console and Xbox console. These top outlets offer money back and comparison services to customers, who in turn depend on these portals for making wise shopping decisions.

Let’s have a look at the next generation consoles

The next line of generational consoles are coming to a store near you even if you have purchased a Playstation 3 console (which is currently the latest amongst gaming consoles) you have much to learn about them since the new Xbox is yet to arrive. Today there are 3 main consoles but keep in mind that the final features of the Xbox 720 are not certain.

In Summary

The last console I’ll talk about is the innovative Nintendo Wii. The features for Wii include backward compatibility for playing older games and it also provide new game handling methods such as the Wii remote controller. It’s the cheapest console around of the three, somewhere around $250 and if you’re interested in watching DVDs on it, you’ll have to pay extra for the correct external device. Nintendo consoles for the longest time have always been the giants of the gaming industry; this is strengthened by Nintendo Wii’s high sales rate since release.

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