Answers to your event rental questions

In today’s economic situation, we realize that when it comes to planning an event one will often price shop and compare products.  The question is when should we worry about quality over price? Often, I have potential clients ask me questions about my products, services, and pricing.The information provided below is in no way shape or form an attack on any of my competitors. It is only to inform consumers and help them make wise decoration and rental choices.

– Why do you charge sales tax and some companies don’t? By law rental companies are required to charge sales tax because we rent tangible items. If a company does not, yes you will save money, but not legally.

– Why some companies only charge 2.75 or less per chair? This is possible if the linens are used over and over and are not laundered after use. They also may not be ironed if you are having them sent to you. Another problem with this is that you will have to iron them, dress your own chairs and then  remove them after the event as well. You will run into shipping charges to and from.

– Delivery, setup, and travel fees. It is understood that gas prices are not low right now, but to charge an unreasonable fee to dress each chair or delivery charges that are a percentage of your overall invoice, is a little much. .

 Sometimes as a favor a person may provide linens for a friend or family. They may even buy their own for an event. They suddenly believe they are qualified to be a rental company. It is important to ask your vendors about their experience and qualifications in the industry. There are also companies that charge an extremely high price for their linens. This is usually your larger corporation who have an abundance of expenses to cover. They may also hire hourly employees who may have little or no experience at all.

 Lastly, If your venue or caterer will include chair covers and linens for an additional fee, be sure to ask if they are laundered after each event. Be sure to ask what the lifespan of the linens are and how often they are replaced. After all, this is not a restaurant your eating at, you have a bad experience so you simply don’t return. This is your event, you only get one chance to make it what you have always dreamed of. If you have stained or ripped linens, you cannot go back and change them. Be sure to read over your contract entirely before signing,  be sure to ask for an explanation if you have questions.

My company is a fully insured company. Our prices are based on quality and not for quantity. Our linens only have a lifespan of 5 events, if they can last that long. We purchase new linens, launder them between each event and depending on how big the event is, we spend a large quantity of hours to press each rental. We do not charge for our linen delivery or setup. We have a contract that we explain in detail. When you book with us, we like to sit down face to face and show you the linens (at your venue if possible) so you will see exactly what you will get on the day of your event. You will leave this booking with a copy of the contract.  I will have one as well. They will have both of our signatures in real ink. I am passionate about what I do and spend the time needed to make sure your event is exceptional. I am not out to book as many events as I can on the same day. This makes it possible for me to  provide the best possible service and products to my clients. This is why we are what we are, we do what we do, charge what we charge, and also what sets us aside from other companies.

Thank you for taking the time to read the information I provided and if you have any questions or concerns in your planning process please feel free to email or call me at anytime.

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