Many of us happen to be in the current profession and the current
jobs because of the choices that we made or did not make in the past. While many
of us are quite satisfied where we are, some are unfortunately not. Some of the
choices that we made were not necessarily the best ones, perhaps we did not have
any option, or we did not have the right information or the right advice.

Well, there is no need to despair. One can always review past decisions
and make better choices at any point in time. It will ensure that at least the remaining
part of the career is spent at the right place, doing the right things and pursuing
the right goals. A well thought out career plan can help you choose the nature and
place of your work. It can help you decide what additional skills and experiences
to acquire in order to reach your goals. Most importantly, it can help you aim for
the right goals, the one that match your aptitude, qualification, personality and

CPACE offers to help Civil Engineering professional in India
make the right career choice. The advice comes from seasoned and experienced Civil
engineer with insight into HR practices. Though the service is available to all,
its benefit will be more for those in early or middle phase of their career. For
the very senior Engineers, there may be too many constraints and too little time
left to really change course!

Career planning advice is not intended to provide any help
to change jobs or gain employment elsewhere. While CPACE has been developed primarily
to help Civil engineers in career planning, based on the request from employers,
it is also being used as an on line screening tool.

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