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Today, I’m taking a look at Psalm 2, part 2 of my series through Psalms.

The Psalmist starts the chapter off with a rhetorical question. Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? He then speaks how the kings and rulers plot against God, and how they want to break free from God. However, he goes on to say how God laughs at their efforts, and then speaks how He has set up a King in Zion.

The Psalmist continues, with God speaking, saying how He will give this King the heathen for his inheritance, and how the king will crush the evil.

The Psalmist ends with a warning and a promise to the kings of the world, warning that if they don’t serve the Lord, and don’t respect the Son, that they will perish, while if they serve the Lord, and respect the king, they will be blessed.

Kissing. by the way, in that day and age was a way of showing honor, in more modern terms, we would say “show repsect”.

There has been much debate on who the Son/King is. Some have said that it is David, while others believe that it is Jesus. There is evidence for both statements, so we probably won’t know for sure till we get to heaven. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t practical advice and doctrine in this chapter. In fact, we can see some of this happening today.

Do we not see the kings of the earth and the other rules trying to break free from having to serve or to believe in God? The Bible is very clear on this point, that those who try to break away from God will be crushed. I’m sure that we can look at history, and see examples of nations that tried to break away from God, and in the process, were destroyed.

What about us then? Do we plot to break the bonds of serving or obeying God? Or do we serve God, and trust His Son? In simple terms, do we try to avoid obeying God when it’s not convenient? Do we serve God only when we want to? Or do we serve him all the time?

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