Blossom & bess | pregnancy & postnatal relaxation albums

“I feel so truly happy now.  I have not just reclaimed my former strength but have also found much, much more than ever.  Life is so much easier and I enjoy a flow of positive feelings and outcomes”.

Having wanted to be a mother since I was a child myself, I was overjoyed when at the age of 31 my time came. However I didn’t have the easiest pregnancy, and despite feeling so much love for my son; I felt extremely low in the postnatal months.

Intertwined with the happiness of motherhood; there was shock, exhaustion from insomnia, and a range of complex, overwhelming feelings.  I felt lonely, anxious, let down and low in confidence.  The result was that I focused on the less desirable aspects of my experience and by doing so manifested more because that was what I had come to believe and expect.  I decided that I would find my feet again, and turn my experience in to something powerfully positive.  My mission was to find authentic and constant happiness and freedom – in all areas of my life.

I had learnt a lot about positive thinking, well-being and meditation in previous years so putting that knowledge, and some new awareness to use, my life quickly turned around.  I feel so truly happy now.  I have not just reclaimed my former strength but have also found much more than ever.  Life is so much easier and I enjoy a flow of positive feelings and outcomes.

It feels right to share these tools with others who want to find their strength in the mother role, and who want to find abundant happiness in their lives as a whole.  If you are looking to find ease and empowerment, and to feel good and have fun as you grow; I hope Blossom & Bess will be a fertile foundation for you.

Pregnant women and mothers deserve to be acknowledged, cherished, reassured, supported, comforted and celebrated.

Pregnancy is very exciting yet can be really tough too – it’s a huge toll on the body, there’s lots to prepare and we can feel too exhausted at the end of the day to bond with the baby growing inside of us.

Becoming a mother – whether for the first time or with subsequent children – is an enormous transition.  It is an exciting journey and comes with much deep joy.  Yet with a lack of communities and extended families in modern society it’s easy to feel isolated, exhausted, down and unappreciated.

As mothers; we often long for a soothing voice to comfort and reassure us, to understand our feelings and to uplift us.  We can also miss a sense of meaningful and ongoing celebration about what we have done.

Having listened to hundreds of women talk about their journeys I know that most, if not all of us, feel this same need for companionship and positivity.

So THE POSITIVITY SPA Pregnancy and Postnatal CD and MP3 relaxation albums have been created.  There is nothing quite like them on the market.  With guided relaxation, reflection, affirmations, celebration and tools to help you thrive they offer a very positive and restorative formula.

Blossom & Bess has been hatched from home.  Most of the project has been worked on while my son napped cuddled in to me, his heart beating next to mine.


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