Babs trivial exploits

i experienced an odd inverse japanese snack-food-treat manifestation of sugar love or something. last year i was introduced to the pure dipping loveliness that is yan-yan. so many wonderful flavors of little cookie sticks that you dip in the accompanying frosting. do-it-your-fucking-self yumminess. i had it bad for a while. ate the hell outta these things until i could bear to dip no more.

then along came the professor and his parting gift of the great japanese culinary perfection that is pocky. i was hesitant. it seemed like lazy man’s yan-yan (which i was sooooo over) being cookie sticks ALREADY dipped in flavored frosting. but i tried it. and i fucking liked it. the choco-banana flavor knocked my tastebuds right on. i was eating several boxes a day. the caramel also rock. and so does pretty much every other flavor i tried. it was so much tastier than yan-yan…. and what kind of proud american wants to dip their own cookie when a far-away japanese robot machine will pre-dip it for you? do-that-your-fucking-self robot!

alllll was perfect. but alas, it did not stay perfect. i was getting burned out on pocky. right about the same time that i noticed that one of the ingredients is hydrogenated fish oil. what the fish?? so yeah – i have slowed my pocky hole intake. i haven’t written it off for good or anything. i just “need a break”.

despite my taking a break from the love of asian cookie sticks, i still can say i LOVE japanese sugar snacks. if i could send a big thank you card to the country itself for the deliciousness it has imparted…. i just might.

recently though, i did get to do some really zen payback in this regard. while chillin’ at burning man this year i noticed two warmed up, chill’ needing japanese girls wandering about. they came with me to the gooferville shade area and had some water and smalltalk. their names were yoko & otmishi and they came all the way across that big body of water JUST for burning man. wonderful. i was their newest, biggest fan. they also had a love of kitty stuff – when i showed them my kitty bike they offered me their hello kitty shades that they did not have room to transport back to japan. (yea!)

we decided to have an intimate little snack time ritual in the van/home complete with a handwashing goodness ceremony. i offered them sweets. cookies and brownies and whatnot. girls like sugar! we chitchatted and nibbled and then came the moment:

me: would you like a pop tart?
girls: pop tart?
me: yeah. it is a little pastry-ish thing-ish? something? delicious!
girls: ok

and then the delight happened. before my eyes.
their delight was very similar to my delight over pocky – so it was amusing to watch. like seeing a vision of yourself falling in love with a foreign snack.
with a dumb-ass name, no less.
but doubled.
and in bikinis.
and giggling.

words most likely could not express the fabulousness of this all….
but i try.

muchas graciasness to oliver & megan for the pix!!

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