NEW JN Breathing Treatments & Kids

When using a nebulizer to deliver your child’s medicine for ” or another respiratory condition, you want to be sure the treatments are effective. Sometimes, children are not willing to sit through the process–they get bored, impatient, or are frightened by the machine.

The manufacturers of nebulizers and nebulizer accessories understand the need to make your child feel comfortable during treatment to maximize medical benefits. As a result, there is a good selection of nebulizer products on the market that speak to this need.

The ” by MABIS is a barnyard-themed nebulizer system for kids. The cow-shaped compressor unit comes complete with everything you need to nebulize, plus a barn-style carrying case. Medquip also makes child-friendly nebulizers that come in 5 different themes, including Panda, Duck, Building Blocks, Penguin, and Fire Engine. In addition to making your child feel more comfortable with nebulizer treatment, these products fall on the lower end of the nebulizer price range. The ” includes a Bubbles the Fish Pediatric Aerosol Mask, a sticker set, and a coloring book to make nebulizer treatment fun for kids.

If you already have a nebulizer in your home, there are kids’ nebulizer accessories that may be usable with the system you have. “, for example, can be purchased separately for use with PARI pediatric or standard nebulizers. If your child really enjoys the mask, expand on the fun with some ocean-themed toys that can be set aside just for nebulizer treatments to turn treatment time into something to get excited about. There’s also a pediatric dragon mask that can be used with most compressor nebulizers. If you have questions about compatibility, contact the experts at Just Nebulizers.

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