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Henna is good to your hair and scalp. Using Henna will make hair shiny and it also prevents hair from falling. 
“”are among the top hair colorings there is. Natural henna is wonderful for the scalp and hair. All the women in India use this to help them keep their natural shiny thick soft hair. That is why it is known that women from India have the fullest most beautiful hair on the planet. From”

Henna Hair Dye was the most common hair colors used for hair. It is best to use the authentic Henna Hair Dye. But how would you determine authentic Henna Hair dye from synthetic one or what so-called “? Whether you buy pure Henna, it is best to buy Henna ” that is clearly marked as extracted from plants. ‘though henna is used as hair dye, it also has good benefits. These include thickening of hair, hair fall prevention, and scalp conditioning leaving it silky and strong.

Now that you have come to know the wonderful benefits of Henna, and what it does to your hair, le’s go to the highlights of Henna Hair dye. Henna hair dye is more often left on your hair for one hour or sometimes even more to get an even ” you deserve, it would be prudent to do a strand test. This will help you achieve two things. 1. It   determines if the color suits you and 2. It would also act as allergy test.

There are common colors Henna can provide. We all knew that henna is, Reddish-brown. Henna and Indigo gives purple color. Orange and Henna will give a Burgundy color. It is also fun to experiment colors at home using Henna hair dye and other colors like most women do.

Though Henna hair dye is beneficial and safe it is best to take some precautionary measures. If you go to a salon, what are common question an attendee ask you? They would ask if your hair is color treated and if yes How many months was it been treated? Same true with Henna Hair dye. Never used Henna Hair Dye to a color ” that is less than five months. This will help keep hair away from brittleness and drying.

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