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General Medical Care

Heart, arteries and veins

Our clinic provides care for the entire spectrum of primary care related medical problems. Whether it is related to common viral and bacterial infections, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart, lung or GI related problems, orthopedic complaints and skin disorders – we can provide medical help! If more extensive care is needed by a specialist, we routinely refer to the appropriate medical doctor and assist in the global management of each patient.

Multidisciplinary Pain Management

Medical Laboratory

This is the management of pain which treats the many aspects
associated with the physical and psychological aspects of control. The
evolution of this medical specialty involves simple to complex
pharmaceutical medicines such as opioid and non-opioid, physical therapy
modalities, cognitive behavioral therapies, and advanced minimally
invasive to extensive surgical procedures. At Spectrum Health, our
clinic considers all available tools to achieve a positive outcome. This
is the truly accepted medical plan that pain management professionals
now use to achieve success. If we do not provide a treatment modality
as listed above at our clinic, we work hard to facilitate the correct
physicians and health professionals in our extensive referral network.

Physical Therapy

Human back disease medical concept with a jigsaw puzzle texture and a piece missing as a broken skeleton anatomy

We have an elaborate network of referrals to physical therapy providers that have made significant changes to our patients lives.
This integration involves the patient and a certified physical
therapist which analyzes the patients pain complaint, physical exam
findings, history of physical medical problem, diagnostic imaging such
as MRI, CT and/or xray studies. The therapist will then initiate a plan
which could include many modes of treatment such as manual therapy,
therapeutic exercises, ultrasound, heat, cold, massage/myofascial
release and transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS). These are designed
to make the patient remain mobile and reduce long-term pain. In fact,
studies show that this is most effective in halting the
degenerative process which accompanies many pain syndromes.

Weight Loss and Nutritional Performance

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Spectrum Health provides counseling and pharmacologic management for the treatment of obesity. Our physician has a bachelor of science degree in human nutrition and food science from top ranked Colorado State University. His background in human dietetics and metabolism is driven by the increasing need in our society due to metabolic syndrome and its catastrophic effects. Frequently, our patients exhibit the need for assistance with their complicated lifestyle and the confusion associated with this overwhelming topic. Our clinic has provided an integrated and simple program to monitor the pharmacologic and nutritional aspects of weight loss.

Addiction Medicine

Confused Mind The labyrinth inside the head

Our Spectrum medical physician is certified to provide buprenorphine related products and Subutex, which are the newest advances in pharmacologic management of opioid addiction or physical dependence. Our physician has helped return many patients to a normal and healthy lifestyle. Frequently, patients are placed on increasing quantities of narcotic medication due to injury or damage to their bodies. Buprenorphine management allows this transition to taper off narcotics without the common physical withdrawal symptoms experienced by many patients. In addition, many patients suffer from heroin addiction and we pride
ourselves with being a clinic that provides a comfortable environment
and supportive staff.

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