Skin Cancer Charts and Graphs

Cancer is a deadly disease especially when it is not detected early. There is a lot of research going on currently in trying to find possible treatments for curing cancer. These researches are trying to find out the causes of cancer. Once they understand the causes of cancer and the exact process, they can proceed ahead to find a treatment that will possibly negate the causes. Cancer does not occur due to any single factor. There are several factors that contribute to cancer. One of the objectives of these researchers is to isolate these factors and understand them separately as this will allow them to focus on each of these cases separately. By isolating the factors, these researchers are able to find out how much each factor contributes to the cause of cancer. They do this by making various skin cancer charts and graphs that help them quantify this. We shall specifically look at the different causes of skin cancer.

Skin cancer is mainly caused due to UV radiation from the sun. One possible skin cancer charts and graph that emerges from this is to map the number of cancer patients to geographical areas. This exercise has shown many areas where a number of cancer patients were clustered together. This allows the scientists to focus on that particular geographical area and search for possible causes in these regions. In case of skin cancer, the scientists were able to find a direct relation between the amount of exposure to the sun and number of skin cancer patients. In the southern part of North America, the scientists were able to find more number of skin cancer cases than in the northern parts of the continent. This is because the southern part of the continent receives more sunlight than the northern part of the continent. Hence the people residing in the southern part of the continent were more susceptible to skin cancer due to the increased levels of melanoma.

These skin cancer charts and graphs can be further subdivided to correlate with a number of other factors like the number of cancer patients in any particular year, the number of cancer patients in any particular race or ethnicity. Thus researchers are able to generate more conclusions that can eventually lead them to understand the causes of skin cancer. They can identify the missing pieces of the puzzle by analyzing these graphs and fitting the pieces together. This way they will be able to devise treatments for the prevention and control of skin cancer. They say that the present global warming and holes in the ozone layer are some of the reasons why skin cancer is more prevalent now.

These skin cancer charts and graphs are still being studied and the conclusions are being analyzed. There are several factors upon which cancer depends. UV radiation is just one factor from among all the other factors. They say that the present global warming and holes in the ozone layer are some of the reasons why skin cancer is more prevalent now. The Human Genome Project says that cancer is also dependent on the genes and that there are specific gene alterations that go on which eventually causes cancer. By making specific graphs that exhibit this relationship, the researchers will be able to come up with solutions to treat skin cancer. Various graphs depicting these relationships is available in the cancer speciality centres, the internet etc. You can take a look at these graphs to form your own conclusions.

What Are Some of the Problems that Aging Dogs Face?

What can be done for a very old dog with severe dysplasia problems? First, the condition would have to be evaluated through X-rays. The symptoms may be due to a neurological problem and not a bone problem. If surgery is indicated, and the dog is checked out as a good surgical risk, operating can prove very helpful in alleviating the pain. Excellent results have also been obtained using vitamin C therapy.

What is the incidence of cancer in dogs? Cancer incidence is low as compared with humans. Even when there is a lymphoma, a benign fatty tumor, or breast tumors that are diagnosed as malignant, these do not precipitate a spreading malignancy or death. Occasionally dogs will have a liver or spleen tumor that spreads to the lungs. Such dogs can bleed to death because the tumors bleed, or the malignancy can cause sufficient damage to the liver to cause death.

Fibrosis of the heart and kidneys, which means a loss of elasticity in those organs, is far and away the most common disease-induced cause of death. Cancer affects more cats than dogs, but the reasons for this are somewhat obscure. Much can be done to control and prevent cancer in dogs.

Is the older dog more affected by heat prostration? Yes, an older dog’s thermostat does not work as well, so he will be more affected by extremes of heat and cold. If a dog has a bad heart or bad kidneys, he will be more affected than the healthier dog. However, if you were to put a two-year-old dog and an eleven-year- old, both in good physical condition, into a sun-baked car, they will both suffer with equal severity and trauma.

Is it advantageous for an older dog to wear protective clothing of any kind? Wearing apparel we would define as being generally superfluous. However, there are some good reasons for wearing clothing on certain occasions.

Are older dogs subject to high blood pressure? If a dog has a bad heart, he usually has low blood pressure because he is hampered by an inefficient pump and poor circulation. This is why a dog with heart problems often also has kidney problems. You must maintain adequate pressure and blood supply to organs in order to maximize kidney efficiency.

Should an owner take his own dog’s temperature? No! In consideration of safety factors such as thermometer breakage and absorbing the thermometer up into the rectum, as well as not being able to diagnose the symptoms concurrent to the temperature (which at 101 degrees to 102 degrees F is normal in a dog), you should not to take your own dog’s temperature, but to call the vet without delay if you suspect illness.

Major Disease Prevention through General Dentistry

Our health should be our first priority. By health, it involves your entire physical health including oral health. It is recommended to visit your dentist at least twice a year. Radiant Expressions Dental offers general dentistry. With general dentistry, our goal is to prevent dental or oral problems and optimizing overall dental health. Dr. Hassan Al Maghazchi’s practice exemplifies the very best of what a skilled dental practitioner can produce. He is trained and experienced. His up-to-date dental procedures and technology helps him perform a perfect way of a completing a dental or oral health treatment. With his excellent treatment, he earned the trust and the respect of his patients.

He specializes in the art of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide and expanding number of oral conditions. He has a full understanding of how mouth can be a window to overall health of a patient and other disease. General dentistry is a whole health, detailed approach to oral and overall health.

Detecting Other Health Condition Through Oral Examination

One condition that can be detected through oral examination is the GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease. Frequent acid reflux is one of the reasons behind the erosion of enamel on our teeth. This can lead to tooth decay or worse tooth loss.

A dentist will know if a person is suffering from a serious disease just by looking at the condition of his or her mouth. For example, a gum disease may not just be a simple inflammation. It can increase the severity of oral cancer, precancerous condition, and worsen heart diseases. This is dangerous especially if you are not aware of your own condition.

A dental appointment is also a great opportunity to conduct diabetes screening among undiagnosed patients. This is good news for people who prefers going to the dentist rather than doctors.

By preventing oral problems, you are also preventing other major illness such as pneumonia. A study in Yale proves that brushing and flossing can reduce the risk of acquiring pneumonia.

Many have taken for granted the importance of dental checkups and examination. Semi-annual visits to the dentist is a big hassle for them. However, it is as important as any other physical checkup. Visit your dentist now or call us at 954-266-0345 for your dental appointment in Pembroke Pines, Davie, Miramar, and Cooper City.